Scaffolding Labour Hire

  • Scaffold build of beams (Needles)
  • Bird cages
  • A and B class scaffold hoarding
  • Stair stretcher towers
  • Ladder access tower
  • Walk way bridge
  • Hang scaffold
  • Uni-mesh, Chain and wire – Protection – Encapsulating


Project Classification

  • Home Scaffolding
  • High Rise building
  • Block of Units & apartments
  • Hotels and clubs
  • Factories
  • Schools, Universities


Engineering & Design

Our Engineering team has a top knowledge of scaffolding relevant rules, requirements, codes of practice of Australian Standards, which it help us to advise all clients on the best design and understanding of the project’s requirements.



Brilliant Access has a wide range of different sizes of trucks form 3 tonnes to 30 tonnes which help us to give our clients a prompt service.

Brilliant Access also has a different range of Forklifts and Cranes, and also we have access to Helicopter in case of need depending on the job site, which enable us to relocate our equipments on job sites.


Our machines available for scaffold hire in Sydney