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Regrettably, among the dangers of chewing gum is that it may easily get stuck into family rugs. It may get stuck to the carpeting by means of a kid that doesn’t know any better. Or the chewing gum can drop off a shoe which picked up off the gum a filthy sidewalk. There are many ways gum might wind up in a rug. But, in addition, there are many methods to eliminate it from a rug. But it’s ideal to select a technique that doesn’t damage the carpet, like by staining it destroying the carpeting ‘s fibers.

The most recommended solution is to rub on the affected area with an ice block until the gum gets fragile. This system leaves the smallest quantity of residue and generally works on many fabrics.

Peanut butter Gently apply about 1 tsp of peanut butter (rather creamy style) into the affected location. Then get rid of the gum using a moist washcloth. The peanut butter will produce the gum less tacky, but it will probably leave a residue also. Apply approximately 1 teaspoon of oil and also cover the gum thoroughly. Then simply select the up gum with your palms. But this way is one of the least recommended because of its inclination to whiten the carpet. The petroleum ‘s residue ought to be cleaned using a rug cleaning vacuum promptly after removing the gum. When the gum is loosened, it is possible to just select it up with your palms. However, since with all the peanut butter and other monies, the place has to be cleaned after eliminating the chewing gum, using a mild dish soap and moist washcloth or other a rug cleaning vacuum. It should also be mentioned that WD-40 is quite flammable and appropriate precautions should be taken while using this item. Vinegar — A little vinegar applied straight to the gum may also help eliminate the gum. Just allow the vinegar soak in the gum for around 15 minutes, then scrape off the gum with a butter knife. Nevertheless, be certain that the vinegar doesn’t make the carpeting bleed . Goo Gone — A commercial product made from citrus and other components, Goo Gone is intended to remove sticky issues. And a washcloth is utilized to remove the chewing gum, exactly like using WD-40. After eliminating the gum, just use a moist cloth to clean out the region. It must be said that though this product does function nicely, it’s also a little more costly to use than the above procedures.

Make sure you read the directions before using any gum or stain remover merchandise. Additionally, always check the remedy in a concealed field of the carpet before using it in a conspicuous location. Some formulations, such as those such as dish detergents, can bleach or stain a carpeting, or damage the fibers. Never use a clean brush, steel wool or even an excessive amount of elbow grease, because these may also harm the fibers or cloth.

Keep in mind, the best method to eliminate gum would be to harden it , then lightly scrape the gum off with a butter knife. But, there are many other household things and business products which can help, besides only the aforementioned procedures. . You only need to get those which produce the gum less tacky. The gum may also leave a residue, so constantly wash out the area immediately after eliminating the gum. Nonetheless, now you understand how to take out the chewing gum, you don’t have to worry about this specific danger from chewing gumdisease.

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Thank you, that has been really thorough and useful. Thanks.

Very informative post, Kelly! Marc, did you keep using the ice before the gum became brittle and hard? Can you follow up with scratching the gum off the carpeting with a butter knife?

It must be noted that if cleaning gum off a rug, you shouldn’t ever use a clean brush or steel wool.

A little bit of vinegar applied straight to the gum may also help eliminate the gum. Just allow the vinegar soak in the gum for around 15 minutes, then scrape off the gum with a butter knife.

The peanut butter system works nicely for chewing gum in a kid ‘s hair also!

This was sooooooooo useful thanks so much. The ice hockey did the trick.